Fruits in Thailand.

Fruits in Thailand.

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All the year round warm and tender, Thailand allows to grow up and reap without use of chemical medicines a crop on three times during the season. A fruit variety strikes with rich flavoring and color scale. Fruit of Thailand take the important place and in the Thai national cuisine.


Pineapple.   It is a fruit, quite habitual for us. But we can’t enjoy his true taste as pineapples get on our shelves green. In Thailand it is possible to buy it everywhere and all the year round, already mature, fragrant and juicy. Fruits collect for all year, in process of maturing. Piece price varies from 20 Bath for piece



Watermelon.   Perfectly satisfies thirst. Dealers at your request will clean it, will cut portion pieces, will pack into an accurate and convenient drinking bowl with chopsticks. Here it is possible to try also watermelon, unusual for us, with yellow pulp. It more sweet also is more juicy than the is red the pink relative. Thais prefer to use this berry in the processed look: smuz, necks, the various refreshing drinks. About useful properties of watermelon there is govoreno a lot of, we will remind only that it is a fine whisk for kidneys. And two-week consumption of water-melon pulp is capable to clean them.




Bananas.   They get on our fruit and vegetable shelves too unripe therefore on vacation we have an opportunity to appreciate their true taste. Here grow up a set of grades of bananas, reap a crop in process of maturing and therefore all the year round on the Thai counters it is possible to buy just broken banana cluster which price begins from the 10th baht. It is worth knowing that some grades are grown up as vegetables. They are fragrant, but are almost tasteless. Thais use them for preparation of marinades, gas stations for salads, various sauces. Small bananchik, green color in a brown speck are considered as the most tasty




Coconut.    The second bread for Thais. The range of its application is huge, we will compare unless, with our potatoes. In cookery both coconut milk, and nut pulp is used. From them prepare syrups, soups, seasonings, various sweets, add to pastries. Jellies can fry, cook, bake, pickle, cook pulp, flavor various dishes. Ways application of this universal product can’t simply be listed. Coconut milk perfectly and quickly satisfies thirst, but his taste, as they say, on the fan.




Durian.   Thais call durian “the king of fruit”. Taste of durian … Here also the mystery of “crowning” of the Thai fruit is. Pulp of durian is extraordinary tasty – difficult to believe in it if to believe only organs of smell. She has the spicy sweet taste reminding much vanilla ice cream or custard. Thais say that durian is the best illustration of the concept Yin-Yang: the good and evil, hell and paradise concluded in one subject or a being. About durian many and say: “Taste of paradise, hell smell”. However, “aroma” of durian depends on a look or a grade of a plant…






Mango.    The fruit of Thailand familiar to us enjoying extraordinary popularity in the tourist environment. But Thai mango doesn’t come within miles of that which we buy on counters of our shops. To us they are delivered green as ripe don’t maintain the road and spoiled. Thailand grows up several grades of mango, the most tasty of them – beskostochkovy. In local cookery of mango I have found broad application too: juice, necks, yogurts. Unripe fruits are included in recipes on preparation of meat and fish dishes. However, I most of all like Nam-Dok-Mai grade.




Pitakhaya – “Dragon fruit”.   This unusual bright fruit belongs to family of cactaceous. Color scale of his thin skin is various: red, pink, yellow, violet. Impress also colors of fruit pulp not less: cream, claret, pink, color of ivory. And here the taste of a pitakhaya doesn’t impress, it slightly reminds taste of a watery kiwi. Even, if he very much is pleasant to you, it is a lot of it to eat don’t advise as draconian fruit of Thailand has pronounced laxative effect. The use of a pitakhaya at the diabetes and other problems connected with activity of endocrine system is useful. Fruit favorably influences on warmly – vascular and immune systems, improves digestion and stimulates a metabolism.



Noyna.    Is tasty, as in an immature look (eat her as apple), and in ripe. Her ripe pulp reminds consistence of custard therefore the fruit is cut in half and eat with a spoon. Taste – sweetish and creamy, soft. It promotes her use in confectionery practice. Noyna is added to ice cream, mousses, creams, cocktails. Speaking about useful properties of “sugar apple”, allocate the antibacterial and toning effect of fruit. Noyna is rich with amino acids, vitamin C, calcium, carbohydrates


Carambola.   Very unusual fruit of Thailand. Cut across, it has the form of a pentagonal star. She will give originality to any table. Depending on a grade the carambola can be yellowish, greenish or red with an orange shade. The taste can differ in existence or lack of sourness slightly too. At our tourists carambola fruit for some reason is associated with sweet paprika. The fruit belongs to low-calorie, dietary products, but at the same time it improves appetite and raises the general tone of your organism. Refer availability in her of calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins of group C and B, and also organic acids to useful properties of a carambola. The thiamine which is contained in fruits well influences our nervous system.


Mangostin.   Consider a photo of this original fruit. In process of maturing his peel, friable, similar to a sponge, gains color of an eggplant and exhales slightly stupefying aroma. In a mangostin there is an opaque juicy pulp in a form reminding garlic with five-seven segments. In each segment – a stone. To taste Mangostin it is similar to sweet-sour grapes with a pleasant peach note. The peel can’t be eaten therefore it is worth learning to separate it correctly. For this purpose Mangostin make an incision across on the center of a fruit and scroll halves in different directions. At this movement pulp of a mangostin separates from a peel. Mangguoxing has all the vitamins and minerals, most valuable to a human body. If you watch over the health, fruit will be desired on your table.


Rambutan.   It is perishable fruit, longer than seven days Rambutan it can’t be stored. Grows Rambutan at attractive shaggy red clusters till 20-30 of fruits. Has aroma of a tea rose, pulp of a rambutan is similar on grape, inside — an edible stone. In the tourist environment Rambutan it is a little demanded – the lack of skills on cleaning affects – Thais click it as sunflower seeds. Rambutan use for preparation of various sauces, marinades and gas stations for salads. Useful properties: Rambutan promotes clarification of an organism and support of the exhausted and weakened body. Rambutan improves digestion that affects elasticity and elasticity of skin. The fruit of a rambutan will surely draw your attention in the market.




The Malayan apple    in a form reminds a pear. Depending on a grade can be pink, green or red color. All fruit as it has no stone is eaten. The taste of the Thai apple isn’t habitual for us. It is very juicy, a little sweetish, leaves feeling of coniferous smack, has the refreshing effect. Useful properties of the Malayan apple are in many respects similar to watermelon. Being diuretic, it promotes cleaning of an organism of slags. Also its antiseptic properties are known.




Lychees – exotic fruit of Thailand. Lychees grow at big crimson clusters. Pulp – watery and translucent, in it hides a large dark inedible stone. Fruit fragrant, sweet, with small sourness and light tartness. Use them in fruit salads and desserts. Lychees differs in low caloric content, at the same time he quickly satisfies thirst and tones up. Very often Thais add juice to freshly squeezed juice treat. Useful properties of fruit on it aren’t limited. He both simplifies work of digestive tract and performs prevention of atherosclerosis.



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