About Baan Dusit Pattaya

Baan Dusit Pattaya

An international oasis with excellent infrastructure

There are several villages built in Bang Lamung in the southern part of Pattaya, in three of which we own houses that we rent out. Baan Dusit Pattaya, Baan Dusit Pattaya Lake and Baan Dusit Pattaya Park. Many foreigners live here on a permanent basis, such as British, Norwegians, French and Russians, of course. The developer company took a very responsible attitude to the development of infrastructure in all villages, which perfectly complements the holiday with children or a soul mate in our villas in Thailand in Pattaya.

Everything for an active and varied vacation for you and your children

For children, a large playground with swings, horizontal bars, and slides is installed on the territory. A large green lawn in the evening is filled with children of different ages living here. A stone’s throw from the playground there is an artificial lake of light blue color with fish and catfish, as well as assorted ducks, who are always happy to eat the food that is sold in the shop opposite, well, or buns.

Further along the village there is an extensive pool with slides for children and adults. The pool has three depth levels, and the smallest of them is suitable even for toddlers, the waters there are ankle-deep. There are outdoor outdoor showers by the pool, as well as toilets with closed showers. Near the pool are palm trees and hundreds of meters of green lawn, where you can run with a ball or with dogs, if you arrived with your pets.

Holidays in Thailand are not a reason to give up sports and training

For sports fans and professionals, there is a gym with the necessary equipment on site. In the gym, there are exercise machines for the back and arms, treadmills, an exercise bike, a stepper, a barbell with a bar, barbells from 5 kg, dumbbells from 10 kg and an athletic bench. Both men and women can plan their workouts here. There is an air conditioner in the hall, the entrance is by a key, which is issued by us if necessary for the entire period of your stay at our villas.

Also on the territory there are two tennis courts and a high-quality basketball court, which are guarded and kept clean during the day, and also have professional lighting for use in the dark, which comes after 6 pm.

There are also establishments for lovers of cultural leisure.

What about restaurants? there are =)

There is a Roikhan restaurant on site, where you will be delighted with Thai dishes such as Tom Yam, cooked according to all the rules of Thai cuisine with the freshest shrimp. This place has a magnificent terrace with a pond and carps that splash nearby and wait for you to give them a meal. You can buy a jar of food at the restaurant for 20 baht and feed the fish, which will put on a whole show for fun for both children and adults.

Well, and a large cafe with European cuisine for the whole family, who would like a traditional Caesar salad or French fries. Russian administrators work in the cafe and you can always discuss everything in your native language. On the territory of the cafe there is a large inflatable trampoline, ping-pong tables, and the cafe itself is pleasant.

A pleasant addition for believers will be the Orthodox Church, small and neat, but insanely beautiful and so unusual among palm trees and tropical bushes. A service is held in the church, the schedule of which is posted on the doors. Inside you can put candles, pray or just admire the beautiful large icons. Father conducts the service regardless of the visitors, everything is calm and at home. Candles are also available.

Want to see what's outside of Baan Dusit Pattaya?

We told and showed where you can go within Pattaya and not only. If you need a car for rent, you can also find it with us, the car makes it much easier to move around the hot streets of Thailand!

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