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Exclusive Thailand holidays in Pattaya

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We have been providing our services for renting luxury real estate and cars in Pattaya for eight years, and during this long enough period we have earned prestige, created an extensive client base and made a huge number of new friends. Yes, exactly friends, because our guests usually become our friends.

We are a small family company and therefore we have a special family approach to each guest. We perfectly understand how important a correct and high-quality rest is in our time of light speeds and we try to make the rest of our guests as comfortable and serene as possible. Our villas are equipped with everything you need to take the hassle out of your vacation. We are always happy to share any kind of information.

Rest without a warm clean sea, sandy beach, juicy bright fruits and spicy-spicy seafood is just a walk! Are you planning a long vacation with children or together? In his own villa or in a private house, he will acquire a special tone. Many are concerned about how and where to rent a villa in Pattaya for a long time. Let’s get acquainted with our unique offers.

Where to rent a house

If you do not want to deal with this issue, we provide you with cozy private houses with a large plot and a private pool. Resting from the crowds increases the level of freedom and reduces the risk of contracting any viruses. Also, a closed area is safer and more convenient for living with children. It is better to find your own version of the house in advance, especially if you are going to have a rest during the “high” season – from November to March. All the intricacies of the organization, where it is better to rent a private house with a swimming pool, security and possible misunderstandings that can darken the enjoyment of your vacation, our company takes over.

How to rent a house profitably

What are the criteria for choosing a property in Thailand and where is it more profitable to rent a cozy villa with a pool and an orchard at an affordable price? In such a picturesque place as Pattaya. Stereotypes about this city are just rumors of tourists, because Pattaya has magnificent various beaches, wonderful villages with villas where life is familiar to foreigners, a lot of entertainment for the whole family and the most beautiful traditional festivals of fireworks, flowers, lanterns, religious trends and, of course, the New Year celebration … We offer only our own villas for rent and will be happy to answer all your questions, plus we will additionally advise where it is better to rent a quiet villa in a picturesque location. We have the most favorable price offers.

Advantages of renting a villa in our company from the owner

  • No extra charge for the rental price. Trading aggregators attack you all over the Internet, but renting a house from them is much more expensive than from an owner. Moreover, on large sites for mass rental, there may be problems with refunds and the difference between a real house and its photos on the sites of intermediaries. We can always show you the houses you want in real time via video communication.
  • Security guarantee. Many are interested in “Where to rent a private house in a quiet location with centralized security and round-the-clock video surveillance at an inexpensive price?” Of course, on the patrolled territory of the cottage village.
  • Privacy. Spacious house, clean pool, orchard belong only to you. Here you can calmly relax with your family, not worry about children. Hire a nanny for an evening when you want to spend time together.
  • Full range of services: house rental (with cleaning), car rental (Toyota, Honda, Nissan), private parking, visa advice and assistance with arrival in Thailand.
    We have our own team of professionals. Own maintenance service (plumbers, electricians, pool cleaners), daily cleaning and garbage collection.
  • You will be pleased with the presence of “own” water wells and a centralized drainage system.
  • Free wi-fi, English-language cable TV and the ability to connect fiber-optic high-speed Internet.

Most of our houses are located in the territory of a modern village, but there are villas by the sea

Where would you like to rest or stay for a long period? By the sea among tropical palms and close to highways for mobility? Or are you closer to the closed territory of the village with a sufficient range of entertainment on the territory? It is up to you to choose!

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